About Green Beans Coffee Company

Growing up in Los Gatos, California, we were drawn to the warm atmosphere of the small, local coffee shops. Spending time at these cafés together with friends and family, our love of, and passion for, the coffee culture flourished.

As our life journeys led us to live and work outside the US, we found ourselves unable to find the same high quality coffee or café experience that had become so important in our daily lives. Other ex-pats we met also longed for that same 15 minutes of home; a place to gather, spend time together and enjoy a hand-crafted coffee beverage. We were galvanized to take it upon ourselves to fill the void, and created Green Beans Coffee. We couldn't have foreseen the global impact our small company would grow to have over the next two decades.

Today, we hand craft over 20,000 cups of coffee daily in company-owned and operated cafés, in 10 countries on 4 continents. For two decades, from San Francisco to Baghdad, we've been privileged to answer the call to serve in communities, neighborhoods, airports, bustling cities, and even active conflict zones, where no one else will. We take pride in offering the simple luxury of 15 minutes of home to everyone.